Response to the blog critic on the music played…

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from the ill informed… or purposely done blog

I would have to say this article is a lot of misconstrued and in the flesh information. You would think that a person who claims to be a christian might even contact and ask a brother in Christ a few questions before they stick their foot in their blog. The song in question is not mine, my choice nor did I ask for it or place it. It was on the station and played by the station before I got to this hour of radio. I do have music I want and when I sought to use it I was informed of copyrights and could not. I am not that tech savoy and don’t know how to create my own intro buffer music. I have hired a person who is making me my own music and intro for my radio show. So the ill informed blogged who claims he has met me is not telling the truth. Jesus taught that you will know them by the fruit they bear not just an ill informed blog that seeks to fabricate an in the flesh  conspiracy and seek to lay slander on a brother in Christ. As far as I know slander is satans job (and of the flesh Gal. 5), speaking to each other in truth and love is our in Christ action.
The song in question I was told was a musician who is writing about the darkness and really crying out to the God of Heaven for help and salvation. I don’t know the song writer but I think this blogger has inserted fabrication and personal coincidence to get a point across, and that’s not the Spirit of God leading. So please all you have to do is contact a brother in Christ to ask questions and verify information before you end up speaking lies, using slander and claim it all in the name of the Lord..   If you don’t like the song then contact the radio station… as for me as soon as I get my new tech to make what I want for my intro .. it will be up.
I did decide to go further with the blogger who wrote the article, I did feel something was amiss. (1 Timothy 6:3-4 evil suspicions ) I noticed no message of salvation in Christ, no gospel, no hope for redemption, no pointing to Jesus as Savior, Lord and God… or how to be saved. So I went further, I found that this blogger wrote a book about Cain, so I bought it and read it.  He is believing and teaching serpent seed/doctrine claiming Eve had sex with satan and conceived Cain!!.. red flag all the way, this is not just a little issue! it is one of the deepest heresy’s around and now I understand clearly that this man who claims to be spirit led (by a series of circumstances as he claims and revelations outside of scriptures) is clearly not led by the Holy Spirit of God. For anyone to so misconstrue scripture, twist it to fit serpent seed doctrine and then preach it with a self described ‘confidence’ … is being terribly misled and in turn misleading others. I call for this mans repentance and renouncing of deep false doctrine.. You are not being led by the Spirit of God, the attacks you have written are linked to your false teaching (and all false teaching on this level is opposed by the Holy Spirit of God/ The Spirit of God who gave the scripture (1Thess.4: Therefore he who rejects this does not reject man, but God, who has also given us His Holy Spirit. ). You must get out of this ..
   by Russ Dizdar